February 15, 2010

St Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year

Hope everyone had a lovely CNY or Valentine's Day.

We spent it on the set of "Appalam" - the tamil version of Papadom which is about a week into it's production shoot. It was on location at a lovely university near KL, which was abandoned for the holidays and beautifully empty and quiet. Though it was HOT HOT HOT.

Baby One was fascinated by the shooting process and stuck to Hubby Boo as he directed the shots. Yesterday was the scene in which Samy (Saadom) hastily drops of Shurty (Mia) at registration on her first day of uni.

Baby Two and I, feeling the heat, found a lovely cool spot a few feet away from the director's tent where the tree gave ample shade and lowered the degrees somewhat. I found an old tablecloth in the car boot and we quickly decided lolling on the spongy grass was a stellar idea. We also did some writing together (Baby Two loves writing dialogue) and then she took control of my camera phone and snapped some candids:

The day before, I had visited Hubby Boo at the same set, where I captured him in the midst of discussing a shot with Heil (his Director of Photography) and Pete (his First Assistant Director):


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