December 22, 2009

The Beauty of the Unnecessary Paper Product.

I do recycle most of the time. I use my own shopping bags and even have one stowed in my handbag for unplanned grocery shopping. I get very guilty if I have to use plastic bags from the supermarket. During our trip to Taiwan it was obvious how far ahead in government policy and community attitude they are than us. Their recycling bins are properly utilised. People throw away their own rubbish and return their trays at MacDonald's an after movies at the cinema. All paper products in public facilities are supposedly recycled. And yet they have stationery galore that would make a scrapbooker weep.

I came across these goodies at a corner supermarkety place in Kaohsiung in Shin Jue Jiang. They're just pieces of paper printed with gorgeous prints and oh, I love them so! I plan to use them in lieu of greeting cards as they are so small and therefore use less extraneous paper, they require less to be written (I like), and they're gorgeous.

This is a selection of printed cards which come in a lovely printed box. I have another set with a cat motif, whose colours are more monochromatic, black, whites, greys. Almost too gorgeous to use.

Little angpow packets. great for birthday presents you forgot to get and are replacing with money.

A little pad of origami papers which I can't bear to crease. So I think these will be used for cards or notes as well. Sorry for the picture quality. Turns out my phone camera lens had a finger print on it : /

And then came across these lovely things, which at first I thought were little purses. Turns out they'r face masks. I don't think they're to protect against virus, more to keep dust and smoke out of the faces of motorcyclists. They're a textile lover's dream...

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